• Fifth Grade Girls Learn the Concept of Decimals

    Kix cereal came in handy when the fifth grade teacher was explaining decimals.

  • Hands-on activities occur throughout the school day.

    Seventh grade boys experiment with dry ice.

  • It's Siyum Time in Second Grade  

    The parsha is recited with dramatic song and dance!

  • Fourth Grade Girls Experiment with Eggs

    Analyzing factors including size, smell, sound when shaken, weight and more, the fourth grade girls determine if their eggs are boiled or raw.

  • Kindergarten Open House at TDSA

    Prospective kindergarten students and their parents were warmly welcomed at the TDSA Pre-K Open House. 

  • PE, Art, Library and Computers...

    Enhance the strong general studies and Judaic studies curriculum. 

  • At TDSA You Will See... 

    ...dedicated teachers and eager-to-learn students, hands-on and enriching activities. Beautiful artwork created by the students, hi-tech computer classes, beautiful davening and Torah learning, and more. It's not just reading, writing, and arithmetic.

  • TDSA's PTA Annual Fall Festival Was a Huge Success

    TDSA's PTA Annual Fall Festival featured a hay ride, reptile show, moon bounce and more. 








Torah Day School of Atlanta would like to extend a warm welcome to you and your family. After opening its doors in the fall of 1985, TDSA has continued to build upon its commitment to teach, nurture, and support Jewish students and their families in Atlanta, Georgia. Please continue to browse through our website to learn even more about the education and culture of our school. Torah Day School of Atlanta is a beneficiary agency of the Jewish Federation of Greater Atlanta.


Registration for the 2015-2016 school year has begun! Classes are filling up quickly. Please come see the reading, 'rithmetic, and ruach throughout TDSA's halls! Call Mrs. Leslee Morris at 404.982.0800 ext. 100 to set up a tour.


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